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March 11, 2010

*nIX KILL: howto terminate a process using kill

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Use ps command or pidof command to find out process ID (PID). Syntax:
ps aux | grep processname
pidof processname

For example if process name is yum, you can use any one of the following command to obtain process ID:
# ps aux | grep yum

OR use pidof command which is use to find the process ID of a running program:
# pidof yum

kill process using PID (process id)

Above command tell you PID (3486) of lighttpd process. Now kill process using this PID:
# kill 3486
# kill -9 3486

  • -9 is special Kill signal, which will kill the process.

killall command examples

You can also use killall command. The killall command kill processes by name (no need to find PID):
# killall -9 yum

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