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March 12, 2010

how to prevent regedit, taskmanger, msconfig etc from closing within second of it’s opening

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Symptoms of the problem that we are tying to solve,

  1. you open regedit, the regedit window flickers and closes again,
  2. you open taskmanager, window opens and immediately closes.
  3. you try to open msconfig, window closes the moment it opens.

What might be happening?

Some rouge process is running that is scanning for these applications and the moment they open, it closes them.

So let’s start the identification process,

just a warning, this is a repetitive and frustrating process but if you really want to use the taskmanger, regedit or msconfig then you will have to find the process and kill it, so let’s start the journey.

you will need to download Process Explorer from system internals, so that we can identify the culprit process.

once you have downloaded it, extract the zip file and run the procexp.exe file by double clicking it. This will show you all the processes running right now.

I found the svchosl.exe (hidden in windows\system32\) file, after killing it , I was able to open all the effected tasks like taskmanager, regedit etc.  I even deleteed it, but after every restart, the problem came back,

So I kill it again using process explorer, then open the regedit, and search for ‘svchostl.exe’ , and delete all its entries (about 5-6 entries in various paths), it was set to re create its copy in windows shell / yahoo messenger and many other windows essential programs.

Everything is fine now.
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