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August 20, 2010

iNternet Printing using IIS (aka) iPP.

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Welcome to “Internet Printing” through IIS. When installing IIS through Windows Add/Remove, make sure to check the “Internet Printing” box in the IIS sub-menu (right above NNTP and SMTP). This will install a virtual directory in your “default web site” called “printers”.

Here’s the next step and most important. Right click the “printers” virtual directory in IIS and go to properties. The “directory security” tab is where all the magic happens. As you probably guessed, you want to allow “anonymous access”. Now, go to the IP Address and Restrictions. Deny all access except your companies/clients subnet. If you don’t this this step, and you have port 80 forwarding through your firewall, anyone will be able to print and view your printers.

from client side, Navigate to: http://servername/printers

You will see your servers printers , just click on CONNECT and it will install the printer to your desktop pc, (assuming you already installed them). You can click on a printer then view it’s properties in the left menu. You will see the path to the printer. If you want to install the printer manually via add printer wizard , Copy this path ,

Next, simple go to “add printer”. Then choose the “connect” option and type the http:// path from above.

Internet printing is very helpful for the remote clients to send printing requests over the internet by using the IPP and http. The printers can be located anywhere in the world or LAN where they can be accessed through the internet/LAN

Web-based printer management which offers the ability to administer, to connect to, and to view printers by using a Web browser which allows you to use the printer’s URL to connect to a printer..

To configure it , use the following guide to accomplish this task smoothly.

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