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September 19, 2012

Lotus Notes Webmail issue with Firefox

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How to make your IBM Lotus iNotes Webmail working in Firefox

Recently after firefox upgrade, my company webmail was not working in firefox. It seems that the new security features in Mozilla Firefox prevent Lotus Notes/Domino Webmail from working. Here’s how to get that functionality back.

First: The problem that you see looks like this as It states on the webmail screen simply

A problem has occurred which may have caused the current operation to fail.

The problem seems to be that FIREFOX has security-blocked your webmail.In order to unblock it, you need the Remote XUL Manager extension.

To get it, browse to:

and click Add to Firefox.

As showed in the image below . . .

You’ll be prompted to install the extension and then you’ll be told to restart Firefox.

After the restarting the FIREFOX, the Remote XUL Manager will appear in the Tools / Web Developer menu.

Note: To get to the menu in Firefox, press the Alt Key once.

Now again open the mail , this time you will see the error again, don’t worry, its time to remove it.

Goto Tools / Web Developer / Remote XUL Manager

As showed in the image below . . .

An empty dialog box will appear.

Click Add.

A text input box will appear. Type your mail domain in here and click Ok.
If you use several domains, you may want to add the others in now.

When you’ve finished adding domains, click the X on the top right of the Remote XUL Manager box to close it. Don’t worry, it’s saved.

Now, you should be able to refresh the page or simply put your cursor in Firefox’s address bar and press Enter – and your mail should appear.

As showed in the image below . . .


Syed Jahanzaib
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Howto migrate DHCP Server from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008 Server

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Recently I upgraded my Active Directory environment from Windows 2003 x86 to Windows 2008 x64. This is how I migrated DHCP server.

one thing to remember.

Export/Import is the way to migrate from one OS version to another.
Backup/Restore is supported only across similar OS versions.

Export DHCP Data in WINDOWS 2003:

Export the DHCP database from a server that is running Microsoft Windows Server 2003

netsh dhcp server export c:\dhcpdatabase.txt all

Import the DHCP database in Windows 2008

Install DHCP Server, Copy the dhcpdatabase.txt (Backup file that you created on windows 2003 dhcp serverto any folder, Open command prompt, & type

netsh dhcp server import c:\dhcpdatabase.txt all

Authorize the DHCP server, and Restart DHCP Service & you will have all your leases and other dchp related data back online 🙂

For graphical step by step instructions, you can visit.


Syed Jahanzaib

Howto Hide user/group in Domino Directory

Recently one of our user requested that he don’t want his name to be appear in the ADDRESS BOOK / domino directory.
For example, user test test

Here’s a pretty slick way to do it, this is how I did it.

Open Domino Admin client,
Goto People & Groups
Goto People,
Select your desired user & right click and select Document Properties
As showed in the image below . . .

Click on Security icon (KEY icon),
Deselect ‘All readers and above‘ , and select the users you who can see this user email address in NAB,

Make sure the servers can see them (and the admins), therefore Don’t forget to add LocalDomainAdmins, LocalDomainServers in the list.

As showed in the image below . . .

Now from other user notes client, try to compose new message and search for the test test user, and it won’t appear any more n the address book.

Same applies to user group. You can hide user group from being appearing in the address book by using same method explained above.

Syed Jahanzaib

September 12, 2012

IBM Lotus Domino / User iNBOX missing when viewing mail

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We have a mail tracking account which keeps record of every outgoing/incoming mail for our organization. Dueto heavy usage its sized got increased up to 42 GB and we were running out of space in mail drive. Therefore we moved it to another drive, ran fixup But when I tried to open the mail tracking account, there was no INBOX showing, it just got disappeared from the view, Neither opening the mail file from another notes client helped, so this is something on the server.

I had to use the “All documents” to see mails. [All emails were intact in ALL DOCUMENTS folder]

This is how I fix it. Replace the design on the infected mail database. 

Refresh Design either from GUI or from the console.


To refresh the design of specific user mail database in a directory , from the console use:

load design -f  mail/mailtracking.nsf


Just open user mail and then choose

Choose the appropriate mail server,  click the YES button.

Then, close and re-open their mail file (OR restart Notes Client ).

Oh one last thing . . . While this will put their INBOX folder back into the database, it will be EMPTY until they start receiving new mail messages. Only those new mail messages received AFTER this design replace will appear
in the Inbox. The other messages that used to be in it will have to be accessed from the All Documents view. They can, of course, drag whatever they want from the All Docs view back to the Inbox. I moved all mails from All Documents to INBOX, and now everything working fine 🙂


Syed Jahanzaib

September 11, 2012

[Lotus Notes] Server Error: You are not authorized to use the server

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Recently one of my company employee resigned and leaved the company, so I added him in Deny Group in my Lotus Domino Server 8.5 Server. After few days he came back and rejoined, I removed him from the DENY ACCESS group, but still he was getting “You are not authorized to use the server”  when trying to access his mail box using his notes client.
As showed in the image below . . .

I checked every setting on domino server for about 2 hours and finally found that NOTES caches the DENY ACCESS GROUP. I used the following command at SERVER CONSOLE of Domino Server to clear the cache and then the  client was able to access his inbox 🙂

sh nlcache reset


Syed Jahanzaib

September 10, 2012

Howto enable SNMP on Vmware VCSA & ESXI

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  • VCSA – Vcenter appliance 7 section added on 15-FEB-2021

  • ESXI 6.5 section added on 26-SEP-2017 / 31-MAY-2018

  • Howto enable SNMP on VCSA 7

Login to VCSA using SSH client (putty or likewise with ROOT access) & issue following commands

#check SNMP current
status snmp.get
# now enable SNMP Community string & other details, modify as per need
snmp.set --communities public
snmp.set --syscontact aacableathotmaildotcom
snmp.set --syslocation "Karachi NOC, PK"

  • Howto enable SNMP on ESXi 6.5

To enable SNMP on ESXI 6.5 , First start the SNMP service via web client, then SSH to the esxi server & issue following command [change the public with your own snmp string]

esxcli system snmp set --communities public
esxcli system snmp set --enable true
esxcli network firewall ruleset set --ruleset-id snmp --allowed-all true
esxcli network firewall ruleset set --ruleset-id snmp --enabled true
/etc/init.d/snmpd restart

  • Howto enable SNMP on ESXi 5 using Windows Vsphere CLi commands

First enable SSH service
You can read following article on howto enable ssh using vsphere client.

Now using vSphere CLI [via windows], type -server -username username -password mypass -c zaibsnmp
###(you can change zaibsnmp to any name you like for the community name) -server -username root -password mypass -enable

& you will see

Enabling agent…

Syed Jahanzaib

September 5, 2012

Quick way to disable IPv6 in Windows 2008 Server

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In some situations, IPv6 can be an compatibility issue for certain applications running on Windows 2008.  A quick way to completely disable IPv6 on Windows 2008  is to run the command below at cmd prompt [make sure you are loggedin as administrator] then reboot your server.

reg add hklm\system\currentcontrolset\services\tcpip6\parameters /v DisabledComponents /t REG_DWORD /d 4294967295

(I used it last day when I was migrating my Active Directory from 2003 to 2008)




reg add hklm\system\currentcontrolset\services\tcpip6\parameters /v DisabledComponents /t REG_DWORD /d 255


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