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February 25, 2013

Symantec Mail Security for DOMINO / Short Notes

Symantec Mail Security For Domino Short References:

SAV QUARANTINE Size grow too large

If Quarantine file of Symantec Mail Security for DOMINO grow large in size , you can simply delete it by using

tell sav quit
tell npas quit

Now from DOMINO Admin Client, goto FILES, and goto SAV Folder, now right click on SAVQUAR.NSF and select DELETE

after its done deleting, simply re load SAV by using

load nntask
load npas


Install License

To install (or change) SMSDOM License file in Windows 2008 64 bit, Follow the below.

First stop SAV and npas by

tell sav quit
tell npas quit

Now delete symantec license file from symantec folder which is in .slf extension. License Files Location (you can also search *.slf extension in C:\ drive)

C:\ProgramData\Symantec Shared\Licenses

Now start SAV by

load nntask
load npas

Now from domino admin client, goto Files/SAV/Settings/Licensing/ and click on INSTALL OR UPGRADE LICENSE
[Note: Make sure you are connected to internet before performing this action.]
Simply browse to the location where your license .lic file is available , You should have two license files, one for the product license, and second for the renewal/pas .

You should see Successful message upon valid license verification. If not, please provide valid license or contact your local vendor to acquire right license for your product.

TIP: Also make sure that you enable Premium Antispam from SAV SETTINGS / ANTISPAM / PREMIUM ANTISPAM / CONTROL and make sure there is Green Tick icon on your server displayed.

Howto disable SAV from loading at domino startup/ Service Startup order at the time of troubleshooting

Remove nntask and npas from notes.ini and try to re-start Domino. This time domino will not load SAV. Make sure you change the port back to 25, because sav changes the port form 25 to random port like 31425
For me,It was required at the time of troubleshooting when domino was not able to receive any email from outside. what a painful time that was bro 😦 😥

Also note that when SAV is enabled, try to load services in following order.

tell smtp quit
tell sav quit
tell npas quit

Now Start service in following order

load nntask
load npas
load smtp

How to gather Information of SAV via domino console

tell SAV info

Howto Start / Stop SAV & Premium AntiSpam PAS Service task

To quit SAV, issue following command at domino console

tell sav quit
tell npas quit

To start SAV & PAS (Premium Antivirus Service)

load nntask
load npas

Symantec Premium Antispam Service not enabling after Re installation / Upgrade

After you re install SAV , PAS is not enabling, which is essential in order to filter / block SPAM mails from arriving in your user’s Inbox. In SAV settings / ANTISPAM / PREMIUM ANTISPAM , when you double click on your server to enable PAS,

First make sure you have valid license installed for SAV. I ad SEPM suite, so i ad to install 2 license files, one for the product itself, second for the PAS (PAS have separate license)

Issue tell SAV info from domino console.

Sample of working sav info is below.

tell sav info

02/23/2013 06:34:18 PM  Remote console command issued by syed jahanzaib/XYZ: tell sav info
EMail Scanning:             on
Write Scanning:             on
Mass-Mailer Cleanup:          on
Security Risk Detection:      on
Premium Antispam Services:    off
Standard Antispam Service:    on
Content Filtering:            off
Multimedia-Executable analysis: on
Outbreak Detection:           on
Virus Definitions:            02/22/2013 rev. 003
Spam Definitions:             07/28/2009
Last Threat Found:            none
Description:                none
Quarantined Documents:        0
Unrestored:                 0
Statistics Since:             02/23/2013 01:55:59 PM
Files Infected:           00
Files Repaired:           0
Files Deleted:            00
Files Unrepaired:         0
Other Scans:
Files Infected:           0
Files Repaired:           0
Files Deleted:            0
Files Unrepaired:         0
Mass-Mailer Cleanup:
Messages Deleted:         0
Security Risks Detected:    0
Spam Mails Detected:        00
Scan Errors Detected:       0
Current product license: FULL LICENSE. Final product license expiration: NONE.
Current content license: FULL LICENSE. Final content license expiration: 06/20/xxxx.
Current premium antispam license: FULL LICENSE. Final premium antispam license expiration: 06/20/xxxx.

As you can see that Current product license , Current content license and current premium antispam license is valid but still PAS is not enabling, Follow the below . . .

# Make sure your SAV and PAS service are set to auto start in notes.ini
Sample of notes.ini section where SAV info is entered, make sure you have ntask and npas in line. Sample is below


load npas service manually , and then try to enable PAS

load pas npas

Now try to enable PAS, hopefully it will enable in few seconds without any error 🙂 Dont forget to click on refresh after few seconds to get update result.


If you receive error: “Another instance of LiveUpdate is already running…

When running LiveUpdate in Symantec Mail Security 8.1.x for Domino, then

– at your domino server task manager, end task java.exe and any instance with liveupdate and then run live update again.
– In Windows Task Manager – Processes – End all the process containing “java”
– In C:\Windows\Temp (smsdom default temp directory) delete any file which is named “smsdulck” or “Jlu.Session.End.dat”
– In the LiveUpdate tab press “Run LiveUpdate Now”. This should update the definitions.

More to come.

Syed Jahanzaib

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