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September 23, 2013

Howto power on Vmware Workstation guest machine

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Some one asked me howto power on Vmware Workstation guest machine via CLI.  you can use vmrun tool to power on the machine by using target vm guest .vmx file. I decided to write the simple method for my reference too, because I also use it heavily in my virtual lab.

To achieve it, You can create a shortcut on your desktop so that you can quickly start your required workstation base virtual machine by clicking a single icon on your desktop. OR if you want to power it automatically after windows starts, you can create a simple shortcut or batch file and add it windows STARTUP.


You have install vmware workstation in H:\vmware_workstation and your guest vm is in H:\temp_images_ubuntu-proxy , then simply use the following shortcut.

D:\vmware_workstation\vmrun start  D:\vmware_images\ubuntu-proxy\ubuntu.vmx

Tip: vmrun is available in workstation folder.

Also read following for more references.



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