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October 23, 2013


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Finally DMA has released its new version for Radius Manager Billing System.

Complete info can be found here.


 *** v 4.1.0 *** 2013-10-23 ***



-enhanced SMTP mailer with authentication and freely configurable port
-SMS alert indicating the account is going to expire ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-support for BulkSMS HTTP->SMS gateway ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-alert type is selectable in user preferences (ACP / UCP) ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-enable traffic report per user in ACP even if global traffic report is disabled
-service change is allowed for Hotspot MAC accounts
-auto logout expired ACP sessions
-FreeRadius 2.2.0 support
-DOCSIS upstream SNR data in CM overview table
-DOCSIS upstream SNR is available for each CM
-CMTS upstream SNR monitoring
-Mikrotik Gigawords support added for NAS disconnection mode (PPP, Hotspot)
-NAS disconnection mode total traffic limits are supported (Hotspot)
-Paypal Express Checkout order summary is available
-PayFast payment gateway support (South Africa)
-separate checkbox for IAS SMS verification
-option for filtering duplicate email and mobile numbers in self registration and IAS purchase
-Hotspot MAC users can edit account details in UCP
-recover lost IAS password
-option in system settings to add new managers and NASs to all services or not
-custom text field on PDF cards (print online time, MB, expiration, other text) ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-syslog record for all unix events and rmscheduler actions ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-syslog event for sent SMS, email ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-selectable user group in card generator module
-massmail select group option ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-prepaid service details on invoice ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-disable accounts due to expired contract (selectable option)
-user definable character set for card PIN codes and passwords
-find traffic data per NAS ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-find traffic data per AP  ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-traffic summary per NAS  ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-traffic summary per AP  ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-bulk email supports UTF8  ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-bulk SMS with group support  ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-separate poller pause for MT API access (radiusmanager.cfg)
-log unsuccessful RADIUS authentications
-restart radiusd automatically when updating / deleting / editing any of NASs
-option to exclude zero priced invoices in postpaid batch billing
-option to exclude disabled accounts in postpaid batch billing
-welcome SMS for all account types (IAS, self registered, regular, Hotspot MAC, DOCSIS)
-filter registration date in list users view   ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-new registration method: mobile number is the user name, auto generated password is sent to cell phone   ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-UCP payment success shows a disconnect button if next service is active
-ACP record login failures  ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-filter activated / not activated classic prepaid cards   ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-notifications sent in user specific language  ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-selectable language per manager  ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-multi language password recovery form
-enhanced password recovery (user name is mandatory due to possible duplicate email addresses)  ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-configurable default sim-use value for self registered users
-user selectable views: list users, list online users, list online cm
-postpaid invoice status in edit user account overview
-disabled next service support (disabled ip pool etc.)
-multiple email address support per account
-show last logoff date in list users view (useful for finding inactive accounts)   ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-self reg email + SMS activation option   ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-captcha in self registration forms  ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz extended currency support (USD, CAD, GBP, EUR)
-optimized rmscheduler.php with delayed disconnection to gain speed
-logging new self registered and IAS accounts   ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz
-quick last invoice overview (showing the last page first)
-added email address validation for UCP user edit, self registration, ACP registration, IAS purchase   ** This was most DEMANDED 😀  , Jz


-sim-use is added to privileged fields
-account refill vulnerability fixed (UCP)
-user coordinate latitude / longitude fix
-rm_services cmcfg field size = 10240, enabling large tftp boot files
-entering privileged user data issue fixed in new user registration form
-carry over adds new credits to zero if the actual balance is negative
-duplicate PIN problem fixed when prefix is used
-generate card show own service only
-store new IAS mobile, email
-new user registration error fixed when apostrophe is used in service name
-rmacnt crash issue fixed
-list refill cards issue fixed
-dhcpd.conf file ownership issue fixed
-sim-use is no more editable when privileged data editing is disabled
-rmscheduler expired CM logout issue fixed
-store email, mobile number in IAS purchase
-ACP edit user restricted mode: disable CPE address fields
-added missing index parameter to 2CheckOut review cart
-self registration upper case user name problem fixed
-dhcpd.conf access mutex problem fixed
-blank password fix for regular and Hotspot MAC accounts
-ACP refill negative balance vulnerability fixed
-PayPal Payments Pro order total price higher than 1000 issue fixed
-scheduled service changes next page problem fixed
-language cookie path traversal vulnerability fixed
-UCP service change vulnerability fixed
-accidental double charge issue fixed
-cancel monthly invoice even if it is active (negative amount is allowed)
-ACP / edit IAS grouped thousands price issue fixed
-online payment submit button issue fixed (Chrome issue)
-duplicate accounting issue fixed
-special periods connection problem fixed


  1. Can we get free version of it or how we can crack it
    Thanx for all things u write


    Comment by Eng Ahmedm — October 30, 2013 @ 12:31 PM

  2. its awesome


    Comment by Day-Day Ahmed — November 28, 2013 @ 1:19 AM

  3. Greetings Mr Syed Jahanzaib. I am kindly asking for your support in related to the bandwidth limits in Radius manager. I am currently using Radius Manager V. 4.0.4 DOCSIS silver and it is working perfectly well apart of:

    1. system is unable to allow bigger limit from 10Mbps download with 2Mbps upload limit. 2. sometimes it is happening that  after extension of  the period/date for the use of internet for same users, its happened that date wasn’t remembered?

    Can you please support me with your advices. Thanks, Elvir.


    Comment by Elvir — February 2, 2014 @ 8:53 PM

  4. Hi Guys !

    I was just looking for some nice and clean billing system. I used the Radius Manager but it looks complicated to me (my personal opinion) and moreover its not Free. If you are looking for a free and nice billing system with invoices and alot of stuff then you should give a try to …

    First of all its Free upto 100 customers, and moreover its very nice and attractive with alots of functions. Have a look and leave your reply. Thanks


    Comment by Qamar Sultan — February 25, 2014 @ 5:22 PM

  5. Can this system be used to make international calls in any way?


    Comment by Pabblo Saard — November 7, 2014 @ 1:33 AM

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