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November 27, 2013

DVR/CCTV & Browser Compatibility issue

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From past few weeks we were having issues accessing our DVR systems from the Internet. The problem was that only when authentication dialogue appears, and after entering credentials , nothing appears further , no video nothing else, seems like connection going in sink hole.

As showed in the images below . . .

Login screen appear but with no background or complete logo


But after entering credentials, no video or any thing else came except for blank screen or with no video.



First we thought it might be something with the port forwarding , so first we did some investigation and found nothing, so called a Cisco Support personnel, and he also did some checking and found nothing.

Then we suspect our ISP and lounged complain regarding possible content filtering, but they claimed none of any traffic is filtered in corporate networks except VOIP.

We called the DVR support team and they claimed everything is fine at there DVR systems (nooobs :p)
Later on I configured an Mikrotik Routerboard in parallel just to verify that nothing is wrong  with the Cisco ASA firewall.

After searching on Google, I found out that it is something related to browser compatibility issues with the ACTIVEX component of the DVR manufacturer. But I was unable to sort it out completely. Luckily a friend from PORTUGAL (Mr. Rui Oliveria) confirmed me about the browser compatibility issue, and recommended me to run Browser (Internet Explorer 10) in IE9 mode. and ALHAMDOLILLAH it worked without any issue.

As showed in the image below . . .



Alternate way to launch Internet Explorer 10 in IE-9 mode via shortcut

To launch Internet Explorer 10 in IE9 mode, create a HTML file (you can use simple ntoepad to copy paste following code, and save it with IE9.html )

Copy paste the code from following pastebin location (WordPress is not good with pasting html codes)

Now double click this file and IE10 will be launch in IE9 mode. You can modify it as per your requirements.


You can use IETAB for Google Chrome & Firefox to view the DVR system.


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