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January 13, 2015

SYGIC GPS Navigation System [With Offline Support]

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sygic reply

Screenshot_2015-10-02-16-32-51with latest Pakistan map update, many new locations are now easier to locate and navigation is done in 3d style with more smoothness 🙂


Last  Updated:  23 November,  2015

1- Sygic Introduction
2- Download Link
3- Installation Instruction
4- Release (14.7.7) Overview with screenshots [Latest Release as of late January, 2015,  15.x released in July as well but I am not updating it for reasons]
5- 14.3.4 Overview with screenshots [Stable Release of 2014, *** RECOMMENDED *** ]
6- Pakistan MAP Last Updates  [7th JUly 2015 Reply from SYGIC]
7- Pakistan MAP Last Update [1st October, 2015 GOOD NEWS ! MAP UPDATED NOW ]
8- 15.5.9 is so far the best stable version and no issue of GPS NOT FOUND. use this one.  [ 23rd Nov, 2015]
9- Backup Sygic Favorites/POI/Routes etc.



1- Sygic Introduction

I do have to admit that I have a very poor sense of direction and never quite trust myself that I know the best route. I use Google Maps to plan my route before leaving my place, even for around my home town. Google Maps/Navigation is fantastic. It’s easy to use, stays (mostly) up-to-date, and is built into Android’s core. However, it has one major flaw: Offline navigation simply doesn’t exist within Google Maps. Specially If you’re heading into uncharted territory where cell service may be sketchy or non-existent, you’re basically on your own. And getting lost is not a fun experience. (It happened with me frequently in the past. One horrible experience I still remember of getting lost at Karachi board office area, and in north Nazimabad, I spent more then 1 hour just to get on main road 😛 lol )

The solution? A third-party GPS application with offline support, like Sygic’s Maps & GPS Navigation. Sygic works by downloading and storing maps on your smartphone for offline use — so you can have a fully functioning GPS with no internet connection.  Be aware, Note that like any other CPU/resource hungry application or other navigation app m this one does use a heavy amount of battery. Make sure if you are using Sygic for android in car for longer time, you must have car mobile charger with you. I used SAMSUNG Galaxy S3 mobile charger (which coasted 400 Pak Rupees / original but slightly used)



2- Download Link

Download URL: [Pre_Activated]  http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Google Drive Link, ]

3- Installation Instructions

To install Sygic 14.x.x for android, follow instructions as below …

1- Unzip the sygic zip file, it will be extracted to a folder name SYGIC.
2- Now upload this SYGIC folder and sygic_xxxxx.apk file to root of your android (like in main root or in SD Card)
3- Open any File Explorer on your android set, browse to main root folder (or sd card where you uploaded the .apk file and sygic folder)  and execute sygic_xxxxx.apk and follow the on screen instructions and it will install sygic application.
4- By default it will not have map for Pakistan, Make sure you have some good internet connection (wifi)
Open Sygic application, and goto Settings, Manage Map , and download PAKISTAN (or your desired) map from MIDDLE EAST section. Download size would be around 80+ MB.


Example of Folder Structure:


I have included its manual in PDF format as well for some learning purposes.

Note: In my personnel experience, Sygic 14.3.4 is still very much stable release with easier search options and works better then all new releases, I suggest to stick with the 14.3.4 version until some really stable release.

4- 14.7.7 Overview with screenshots

Sygic 14.7.7

Sygic GPS Navigation released 14.7.7 version which have fixed occasional crashing and few minor bugs. using it my Samsung Galaxy S3 working good. For more information on Sygic, visit there web site at







CHANGE Log’s for 14.7.x versions …

Changelog: 14.7.7 r121036
– BT fix
– HTC android 5 fixr us now

Changelog: 14.7.5 r121030
– Fix for search
– Fix for signposts [for android 4.0]
– Some little fixes

Changelog: 14.7.4 r121032
Main change is support for Octa-core devices

Changelog: 14.7.3 -r121023
coming soon

Changelog: 14.7.2 -r121024
just two minor fixes

Changelog: 14.7.1 r121014
Triplog – show on map
New icon [launcher]
Navigate to photo from gallery
Fixed roundabout icon in left side driving countries
crash fixes

Changelog: 14.7.0 r120989
many fixes for crashes that we see in Google developer console and Crashlytics
New maps 2014.06
Poi subcategories are orders alphabetically
New widget manager with new widgets: Navigate to photo + SOS widget + Travel book [travel book – show on map will come little later]
Fixed auto close
optimization of dropbox
Search is enabled while navigating
Fix for internet connection after „log-out“
Route summary – avoiding instruction via overflow icon
Fixed crash after clicking home more times
BlackBox settings
reworked roundabout icon

5- 14.3.4 Overview with screenshots with Sidebar / Dashboard Options

[This is good and stable version in my personnel view]










Searching with GPS coordinates is now possible. (applicable with 14.x versions i guess)




Rudolf Wuscher (Sygic Support)
Jan 15 09:30
Hello Syed, Thank you for contacting Sygic.

The current map version for Pakistan is 2011.02. At the moment, we don’t have an update planned, although we will release an update as soon as we strike a deal from one of our map data providers.

Best regards,

Sygic Customer Support


Rudolf Wuscher (Sygic Support)

Feb 26, 15:17

Hello Syed,

Thank you for contacting Sygic.
Please accept our most sincere apologies for the late reply. Our support is currently tasked to capacity.

We are sorry, we currently don’t have a more actual map available for Pakistan, nor do we have any information available on an update. Unfortunately, we don’t have a release date for the new version of maps for Pakistan, we would therefore like to ask you for your patience.

If you have any other question, or need any further assistance, just reply to this message to open the ticket again.

Best regards,

Sygic Customer Support



Rudolf Wuscher (Sygic Support)

Jul 6, 12:16

Hello Syed,

Thank you for contacting Sygic.
Please accept our most sincere apologies for the late reply. Our support is currently tasked to capacity.

We currently don’t have a map data update for Pakistan available at the moment, though they should be available later this year. We would therefore like to ask you for your patience.

If you have any other question, or need any further assistance, just reply to this message to open the ticket again.

Best regards,

Customer Support Specialist



Its true that SYGIC maps are a bit old (for Pakistan), but still they provide best navigation for general traveling. To overcome this issue, I usually use GOOGLE Map and plan the route according to my requirement, then I save its link and convert it with ITF converter tool. then I import it in SYGIC MAPS , and it works good.

If some is interested to know how to convert Google map route to android Sygic, let me know and I will post an guide for it. or read this link.

Import Route works fine with ver 14.3.x or older , but Not working with 14.7.x


7-  Pakistan MAP Last Update [1st October, 2015 GOOD NEWS ! MAP UPDATED NOW ]

Good news for Pakistan ! Sygic maps have been updated. Last updated map for Pakistan is (as of writing) is Jun 2015. I can see many updated names and places , even many mechanic shop names and others are  there. so its really updated 🙂
today I purchased it online. Cost was 25$ for Pakistan Map license. Purchasing was instant and I got the activation code by Email. I know there are cracks available, but I just purchased it to support the good work !

Here are some Technical details:

app=Sygic GPS Navigation


9- Backup Sygic Favorites / POI / Routes etc

If you need to remove sygic and re install again, then its a good idea to backup your custom POI / Routes and favorites, because creating them again and again can be a real headache :s so here are the folders you should backup , and then can restore them in same location to get back the data 🙂

Howto Backup SYGIC Favorites / Routes / Custom POI / ICONS  =

– Favorites are stored in folder /Sygic/Res/db as items.dat

– Routes are saved in /Sygic/Res/Itinerary (one .itf file is one route).

– Custom POIs are stored in /Sygic/Maps/Rupi/<countries>. Points of Interest are stored for each country separately.
You need to make a backup of all these folders, otherwise they will be lost.

– Custom icons for Points of Interest are stored of in /Sygic/res/icons/rupi.

– Please make a backup of these folders. After a complete re-installation of the navigation, you need to copy them back to the same place.

Note: 15.5.9 is the best stable version as of 23-Nov-2015 / zaib. its stable, have lesser gps signals failure issues, less crashing 😉



Syed Jahanzaib

January 9, 2015

Mikrotik script to change PUBLIC ip from available pool

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This script is not for general public usage. sharing it just for a reference purpose.

The following script was made to help a usea in a very specific condition.It was a setup specific issue and a quick dirty temporary solution was made to deploy this script to solve the problem for a short period of time only. Its not very neat and clean and probably it could be done with more sophisticated code with fewer line. but no time 🙂


You have 8 public ip pool and only one ip is used at mikrotik wan. now problem is that your ISP blocks your Public ip for few minutes dueto some grey traffic passing and you cannot block the grey traffic for some reasons. This script will help in this situation that if your IP gets blocked by the ISP, it will immediately (or by scheduled) changes the ip to next available ip address. and then it will also email you the result or alert.

Scenario was discussed here.




# 9th Jan, 2015
# Script Starts here ... Tested with Mikrotik 6.xx ...
# Internet Host to be checked You can modify them as per required, JZ
# Setting various variables to be used later in this script

# Host to be monitor, like google dns and opends servers
:local host1   ""
:local host2   ""
:global InternetStatus;
:global InternetLastChange;
:global gmailsmtp
:set gmailsmtp [:resolve ""];

# Set your Gmail ID and Password
:global sendermail
:global gmailpass YOUR_GMAIL_PASSWORD

# Do not modify data below without proper understanding.
:local i 0;
:local F 0;
:local date;
:local time;

# PING each host 2 times
:for i from=1 to=2 do={
if ([/ping $host1 count=1]=0) do={:set F ($F + 1)}
if ([/ping $host2 count=1]=0) do={:set F ($F + 1)}

# If both links are down and all replies are timeout, then link is considered down
:if (($F=4)) do={

:log error "ISP LINK SEEMS TO BE DOWN, Changing IP Address /jz"

:set InternetStatus "DOWN";
:set date [/system clock get date];
:set time [/system clock get time];
:set InternetLastChange ($time . " " . $date);
/ip address

:if ([get [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_1"] disabled] = false) do={
disable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_1"]
enable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_2"]

} else={
:if ([get [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_2"] disabled] = false) do={
disable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_2"]
enable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_3"]

} else={
:if ([get [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_3"] disabled] = false) do={
disable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_3"]
enable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_4"]

} else={
:if ([get [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_4"] disabled] = false) do={
disable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_4"]
enable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_5"]

} else={
:if ([get [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_5"] disabled] = false) do={
disable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_5"]
enable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_6"]

} else={
:if ([get [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_6"] disabled] = false) do={
disable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_6"]
enable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_7"]

} else={
:if ([get [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_7"] disabled] = false) do={
disable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_7"]
enable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_8"]

} else={
:if ([get [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_8"] disabled] = false) do={
disable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_8"]
enable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_1"]

} else={

##      If reply is received , then consider the Link is UP
:if (($InternetStatus="DOWN")) do={
:log warning "WARNING :The INTERNET link have been restored";
:set date [/system clock get date];
:set time [/system clock get time];
:set InternetLastChange ($time . " " . $date);
:set InternetStatus "UP";
:global wanip

# Fetch your PUBLIC ip address from dnsomatic so that its info can be used at required session for info purposes ...
/tool fetch url="" mode=http dst-path=mypublicip.txt
local ip [file get mypublicip.txt contents ]
:set wanip "$ip";
:log warning "Internet Monitor by ZAIB Report: Internet seems to be UP with ISP_NAME ip   $wanip"

/tool e-mail send to="" password=$gmailpass subject="ISP_NAME Link or IP was DOWN. Now new WAN IP address is $wanip" from=$sendermail server=$gmailsmtp start-tls=yes body="ISP_NAME Link or IP was DOWN. Now new WAN IP address is $wanip *******  Regard's > >>>>> Syed Jahanzaib ****** "


Syed Jahanzaib


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