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January 26, 2017

Check remote windows logged-in user/lock status via BASH

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We have Active Directory environment in our office. Clients OS are mixed starting from windows 2000/2003/2008 and Win7.
For some specific reasons/policy, our helpdesk staff is often required to inquire if the employee is working on his workstation or if his/her windows status is locked.


Since I am using my Ubuntu box to manage most of the Active Directory functions using Webmin/BASH scripts, therefore I made a small bash script which queries for remote windows logged in user session and windows locked/unlocked status.

The bash script does the following …

  • Check for remote PC PING Status, if ping fails, exit with error
  • Get remote windows IP via NSLOOKUP using local DNS
  • Current Logged-in user and their status
  • Current status of windows either its locked/unlocked.
  • TRIM the results and display according to our taste

the Script!

> root@linux:/temp# cat

# Script to check remote windwos status, like Loggedin + Windows Lock/Unlock status
# More functions can be added/removed as required.
# I attached this script to webmin for our Support dept.
# Syed Jahanzaib / / aacable @ hotmail . com
# Created: 25-JAN-2017
# Revised: 29-JUN-2017
#set -x

# Domain credentials details so that winexe can execute commands on all domain clients
# Empty All Holders
# Check if remote PC is accessibel or not,
## IF PING FAILS then inform accordingly and EXIT
ping -q -c $PING_ATEMPTS $REMOTE_PC &>/dev/null > $PING_STATUS
if [ "$PING_RESULT" = "" ]; then
echo "ERROR: Unable to resolve hostnname using $LOCAL_DNS_IP DNS Server.
Unknown HOST. Exiting"
exit 1
# Print PC NAME (from $1 variable)
echo "Remote PC : $1"
IPADD=`nslookup $1 | grep Address | sed /$LOCAL_DNS_IP/d`
# Print IP of remote PC via nslookp using local DNS
echo "IP $IPADD"
# If ping failed, then print Error and EXIT
if [[ $(ping -q -c $PING_ATEMPTS $REMOTE_PC) == @(*100% packet loss*) ]]; then
echo "$1 not responding to ping request, probably system is not UP & without ping the status cannot be queried. Exiting ..."
exit 1
# Query remote windows Logged in user using Linux WINEXE tool
QUSER_RESULT=`cat $QUSER_HOLDER |grep "Failed"`

if [[ -n "$QUSER_RESULT" ]]; then
echo "User Status = ERROR: Ping is ok but unable to query the user status."
exit 1
QUSER_RESULT=`cat $QUSER_HOLDER |grep "Active"`
if [[ -n "$QUSER_RESULT" ]]; then
echo "User Status = Logged in User found ... details as below ...

# Query remote windows TASK list to find if windows is locked/unlocked
winexe -U $DOMAIN/$DOMAIN_ADMIN%"$ADMIN_PASS" //$1 "tasklist" > $LOCK_HOLDER
LOCK_RESULT=`cat $LOCK_HOLDER |grep -E "LogonUI.exe|logon.scr"`

#Check if Someone is logged in via RDP session
QUSER_RESULT=`cat $QUSER_HOLDER |grep "rdp-tcp#0"`
if [[ -n "$QUSER_RESULT" ]]; then
echo "It seems someone is logged IN from RDP Session."

# CHeck if windows is unlocked locally
if [[ "$LOCK_RESULT" = "" ]]; then
echo "Windows Status = Windows is UN-LOCKED"

#Check if windwos is LOCKED locallay
if [[ -n "$LOCK_RESULT" ]]; then
echo "Windows Status = Windows Local Login seems to be Locked!"

# Script function ends here
# Thank you


winuserexec result.PNG

Syed Jahanzaib

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