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February 27, 2017

Radius Manager Theme/Skin Collection

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Following are few customized themes for DMASOFTLAB Radius manager , Designed by various web developers.

  1. Digital Theme [Responsive as well, made by KANGNDO]
  2. Green Theme
  3. Blue Theme


General Steps to install theme

I assume you have DMASoftlab Radius Manager 4.1.x version installed and must be fully functional.

  • Download the theme file, unrar it in any temporary folder. you can use `tar zxvf filename.tar.gz /destination_folder`
  • Copy (or let’s say Overwrite) all the contents including files/folders from the (unzipped) folder name radiusmanager in /var/www/radiusmanager (or for CENTOS, its /var/www/html/radiusmanager). You can cp -vr syntax /source /target
  • Clear the browser cache, and reload the ACP administration control panel) page.


1- Digital Theme

Download Link: Radius Manager KANGNDO Theme Official Link 


Sample Images:





2- Green Theme

Green Theme Download Link



Will update more later


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