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June 7, 2017

Generating Refill Cards in Radius Manager

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On Demand Guide!

DMASoftlab Radius Manager is a nice billing system for any ISP. It works on Linux base OS like Ubuntu / Centos etc. It uses Free-radius as back-end engine and PHP as fronted GUI. It provides variety of ways to manage users. You can manually create users . Or it also provide self registration service for user via registration option where user can sign up, choose his Id / Package & renew it using refill card.

Radius manager provides 2 type of Cards system.

  1. Prepaid Cards
  2. Refill Cards [Scratch card]


1- Prepaid cards are simpler as they contains username / password , and starts counting expiry/quota after first usage / login from user. they also binds with selected service. This is suitable for environment where users join.leave very frequently, like Cafe’s / restaurants / public hotspot places.

2- Refill cards does not contains any user name or password. they contains only amount, which user can deposit in his account himself by login to the UCP , user control panel and use redeem voucher option). Refill cards are useful if you have more permanent type of clients who renews on monthly basis. Using refill cards, you can providers with liberty to change his service on his own if required. off course he would required higher amount of refill card to renew his new upscale service. but user can do it all on his own if required. so its kind of fully automatic system as well.

Refill cards does not binds with any specific service, they contains only AMOUNT. Once the user add deposit using refill card code, his account wont get auto renewed (although we can use script for it) . He have to activate the service as well after depositing amount. So in short user have to perform 2 steps in order to renew his account. Using refill cards, you just have to only sell cards to user, rest user will maintain on his own.


We have created a service with 1mb speed, 15gb quota & 30 days expiry limit. We want to create refill cards so that we sell refill card to user, and user will renew his account by using the portal.

Service Example:

2- services

To create refill cards, Goto Card System / Generate Cards

1- refill card menu


3- refill generation process

To view these generated cards, Goto Cards System  / List Refill Cards

view refill

As you can see in above screenshot, it have generated cards. You can view it in CSV which will contains cards details in the text format (for local customized card printing in bulk), and if you click on PDF button, it will show you cards in ready to print format using PDF viewer As showed in the image below

refill card in pdf

Now you can sell this card to users and they can use it from there user panel called UCP.

Using REFILL card to renew account.

From user end, login to user portal, and you will see something like this for new / expired user

1- user.PNG

As we can see that user account is in expired state, to renew it ,

Goto REDEEM VOUCHER & enter the code of refill card.

2- refill number

Once submit, it will add 100 Rs deposit in user account. Goto HOME tab and you will see following


Notice that now user have 100 rs in DEPOSIT but the account is still in EXPIRED status. We will use this deposit amount to renew / activate the account.

Goto Purchase credits, and select 1 in AMOUNT field. As showed in the image below …

1- purchase credits


2- refill done


3- refill done

Go back to HOME tabe

4- done

Account is now active, and user can login by hotspot / ppp or whatever auth method you have in your mikrotik or other NAS.

You can also refill cards by sending SMS to the radius system connected gsm modem. You will be requiring KANNEL along with Play SMS as well. I shared the idea here.






  1. Dear Mr. Syed, I enjoy following your blog. Please I would like to ask you if its possible to have a mikrotik router OS simulation software so I can keep practising? Regards,Michael

    From: Syed Jahanzaib Personal Blog to Share Knowledge ! To: Sent: Wednesday, June 7, 2017 10:31 AM Subject: [New post] Generating Refill Cards in Radius Manager #yiv9540865206 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv9540865206 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv9540865206 a.yiv9540865206primaryactionlink:link, #yiv9540865206 a.yiv9540865206primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv9540865206 a.yiv9540865206primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv9540865206 a.yiv9540865206primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv9540865206 | Syed Jahanzaib / Pinochio~:) posted: “Radius manager provides 2 type of Cards system. Prepaid Cards Refill Cards1- Prepaid cards are simpler as they contains username / password , and starts counting expiry/quota after first usage / login from user. they also binds with selected services” | |


    Comment by morgan ifeanyi — June 7, 2017 @ 5:57 PM

    • there is no such simulator available for mikrotik.
      you can create virtual machine using vmware workstation or any other virtual program and install mikrotik in it for practicing.
      mikrotik old version cracks are commonly available on the internet. example mikrotik 5.20 x86


      Comment by Syed Jahanzaib / Pinochio~:) — June 9, 2017 @ 9:22 AM

  2. Hello
    Thanks a lot for this… But I wanted to ask whether one can create the same Refill card system outside the Server, Let’s say a web page, for example, which connects to the server through API?


    Comment by william — August 29, 2017 @ 2:12 PM

    • Yes its possible.


      Comment by Syed Jahanzaib / Pinochio~:) — August 30, 2017 @ 9:29 AM

    • Do you have a tutorial on how to do this? I have an external app where i want clients to generate the tickets.. a tutorial or a link would really assist me.



      Comment by william — October 10, 2017 @ 2:04 PM

  3. Dear Mr. Syed, I want to ask you , is there any
    way to change the size of page cards?

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Abdullah Baamer — October 4, 2017 @ 4:22 PM

  4. Sir is there any way to create or generate prepaid cards without using ACP or login to ACP ?

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Khaan — October 14, 2017 @ 1:54 PM

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