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November 8, 2017

TikTik – Script to disconnect hotspot user if its already active in pppoe

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its a weird world we live in !

Fix the root cause that is making issue , dont always go for workarounds


Add this in in Hotspot > User Profile > Default > Scripts > On Login)

# Check if this hotspot user is already logged in on PPPOE on same mikrotik, then kick HOTSPOT
:local uname $user;
:local u;
:foreach u in=[/ppp active find name=$user ] do={
:log warning "$user ID is already active in pppoe. Now disconnecting from HotSpot ... Done!"
:foreach i in=[/ip hotspot active find user=$uname] do= {
/ip hotspot active remove numbers=$i;



With some modification you can add script in pppoe login profile as well, which will check if user is already active in hotspot then kick pppoe or hs user.


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  1. Please Tell me how to remove terminal logo in mikrotik main ?


    Comment by Ahsan Mirza — December 11, 2017 @ 4:21 PM

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