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August 10, 2022

CallMeBot: Sending Alerts to Various Messaging Apps using APi

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At multiple ISP’s or networks, I use either GSM Modems or 3rd party SMS API to send various information / alerts messages to admin or users , & it involves minor cost on a per sms basis or as bundle. Another method to send messages on WHATSAPP & its FREE , very simple to use CALLMEBOT APi’s. Its a online FREE service via which you can send basic messages to multiple messaging services like WhatsApp / messenger / Signal / Telegram apps.  The only caveat is that you cannot send messages to EVERY contact. The receiver contact must have the callmebot API KEY , which he can easily get via adding callmebot number in there contact list & send particular message & he will get it instantly. so EACH API EKY is tagged with that particular mobile number only. Once you know the key & its tagged mobile number, you can send message to that contact using the API_KEY & his mobile number using various methods.

In this guide we will be using callmebot API to send various test message to admin WhatsAPP number. Follow the below steps …

  • First, You need to get the API key form the CallMeBot. Add the phone number +34 644 91 96 80 into your Phone Contacts. (Name it it as you wish like CallMeBoT / My_Alerts etc )
  • Using WhatsApp, Send this message to this contact

I allow callmebot to send me messages

  • once it is sent, Wait until you receive the message like “API Activated for your phone number. Your APIKEY is XXXXXX” from the bot. Note down the APIKEY
    Note: If you don’t receive the ApiKey in 2 minutes, please try again after 24hs.
  • The WhatsApp message from the CallMeBot will contain the API key needed to send messages using various API.
  • Now You can send text messages using the API after receiving the confirmation.

Following are few methods, which I am using to send various informational/warning/critical messages to Admin whatsapp

Send message using Browser HTTP APi:

Using browser, you can send message by using below

(As always, change the Phone/APiKey)

Example Message:

Linux Examples:

CMD: on Terminal/shell

(As always, change the Phone/APiKey)

curl --insecure ''

Example Message:

Linux Bash Script Example using separate Text file as attachment

(As always, change the Phone/APiKey)

# DAILY SMS SCRIPT FOR whatsapp MSG Testing
# Script by Syed Jahanzaib /
# Version 2.0 -
# Created in year 2013
# Last modified 20-NOV-2017
set -x
logger DAILY 8 am sms executed for whatsapp testing
#ntpdate -u
> $TMP
# Jahanzaib Cell # CHANGE CELL AS PER YOUR's
UPTIME=`uptime | awk -F'( |,|:)+' '{if ($7=="min") m=$6; else {if ($7~/^day/) {d=$6;h=$8;m=$9} else {h=$6;m=$7}}} {print d+0,"days,",h+0,"hours,",m+0,"minutes"}'`
FOOTER="Powered By Jz"
# Print total and each vlan users
MSG="$COMPANY - Msg Test !
Daily Msg Test @
echo "$MSG" > $TMP
cat $TMP

# Finally SEND MSG to whatsapp using CALLMEBOT
curl --insecure "$CELL1&apikey=$API_KEY" -G --data-urlencode text@$TMP

rm $TMP

Example Message:

Mikrotik RouterOS Example:


(As always, change the Phone/APiKey)

/tool fetch http-method=get mode=https url="\?&apikey=123123&phone=+923333021909&text=Mikrotik+Router+Whatsapp+Msg+Example+SJZ"

Example Message:

Mikrotik DUDE (for Windows) Example:

First download the windows base WGET utility, copy it in any local folder of dude server. & now add notification like this

On DUDE App, Goto Notifications, Click on + ICON to add new notification, a new popup will appear, fill it as per below

Name: Whatsapp2Zaib
Enabled: Ticked
Type: Execute on Server
& in Command Window section, use below cmd

(As always, change the Phone/APiKey)

C:\wget\wget.exe --no-check-certificate " [Probe.Name] on [Device.Name] is now [Service.Status] ([Service.ProblemDescription])"

Example Message:

Hope it Helps !

Syed Jahanzaib

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