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May 23, 2014

Collect DSA log in IBM Xseries Server

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Collecting DSA logs remotely from IBM Xseries server which have vmware esxi installed

From your windows management workstation, Download portable DSA from lenovo site

At the time of writing, v10.3 is the latest version.


Open command prompt (with Run As Administrator) & issue following command

lnvgy_utl_dsa_dsala7d-10.3_portable_windows_x86-64.exe --vmware-esxi root:PASSWORD@


To get output in HTML format, use following

lnvgy_utl_dsa_dsala7d-10.3_portable_windows_x86-64.exe -v --vmware-esxi root:PASSWORD@

After few minutes all logs from remote esxi server will be saved in C:\Lenovo_Support\



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