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December 9, 2011

Howto Crack Mikrotik 3.30 [P.C.C SUPPORTED VER] [For Educational purpose only]

~ Article by Syed Jahanzaib ~

Crack Link for Mikrotik  3.30 have been Removed on Community Request ! 22/2/2013

I personally condemn usage of illegal/cracked version of MIKROTIK or any licensed software. I highly recommend that if you are using it just for learning purpose then its ok, otherwise if you are using it in commercial environment, then Please, Please, Please BUY it from the Mikrotik/Author WebSite. There are some grey area arguments you can make when using unlicensed software as an hobbyist individual or poor college student, but if you’re a commercial entity making money from said software, then you have little ground to stand on.

While I don’t have any problem when some very low sized network or individuals use unlicensed software when they can’t afford them.

I’m personally not comfortable stealing software and it was one of my reasons to eventually move on to Licensed Versions. I’d rather not use a program at all or get by with a more restricted free version than pirate it. I would consider making an exception for tools that are outrageously expensive for an individual, like most of Microsoft’s  products, but only with the understanding that if a person makes money using those tools, they should eventually pay for them instead of riding the free piracy train.

Anyhow ‘usage of pirated software’s’ talk will never gonna end, we should get down to our business ;) This guide will demonstrate how-to crack Mikrotik ver 3.30  >> (This version supports PCC) Hmmmmmmm

Crack Link for Mikrotik 3.30 have been Removed on Mikrotik Community Request ! 22/2/2013



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