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February 24, 2015

Automated installation Script For DMASOFTLAB RADIUS MANAGER v4.1 in CENTOS

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[As demanded by few Humans 😉 ]

Following is an customized script to install DMASOFTLAB Radius Manager ver 4.1 in CENTOS 6.x / 32bit

The aim of writing this script was to save some time and efforts every time I put in new RM installation. Since DMA don’t have any official support forum (except for there email support which is valid for paid customers only) , so I thought it might be helpful for others too  by sharing this info 🙂

I know very well that It is not a perfect script, it can be very well shorten as per the requirement, but still it does it’s job very nicely with out any user intervention 🙂

Suggestions are most welcome at  . . .
aacable @ hotmail . com


1- Fresh Installation of CENTOS 6.x 32bit  (script is well tested with 6.6 edition 32bit edition only)

2- good Internet access, off course ; )

3- Valid License files provided by DMASOFTLAB , valid with your physical (or virtual) interface MAC address [You can upload your license files in /temp folder as this script will try to copy the 2 licenses files required [lic.txt and mod.txt] from temp folder to appropriate place.


What components does this script add to the system ?

This script will install following in your system. (as per order nos.)

> Disable iptables service , ipv6 and selinux in centos

> Download Radius Manager from remote location (preferably Google Drive, adjustable in the script)

> Install necessary components like mysql , apache2, php5 etc

> Download and install dmasoftlab required components like libltd* , IONCUBE and add its entries in Apache’s php config file

> Download and compile freeradius-server-2.2.0-dma-patch-2 package

> Add Radius & Conntrack DB in mysql suing CLI (I have configured default password for mysql which is ‘zaib1234′ , you can change it later)

> Extract Radius Manager Installation file & install it accordingly.

> Restart Services like apache2, mysql, radius



Before accessing RM ACP , make sure you upload valid LICENSE files in /var/www/html/radiusmanager folder

2- This script will set mysql password to “zaib1234″ , you can change it later.

How-to Execute The Script  !!

There are several ways to do it, one is explained below . . .

Create a new script

touch /
chmod +x /
vi /

Now copy paste the following code.


echo "$COL_GREEN Radius Manager installer script for CENTOS 6.x 32bit"
echo "Copyright 2004-2013, DMA Softlab LLC"
echo "All right reserved.. $COL_RESET"
echo "$COL_GREEN Script modified by Syed Jahanzaib for CENTOS"

# Colors Config  . . . [[ JZ . . . ]]

# Variables & Paths [jz]

# MySQL ROOT Password , Change this variable according to your own setup if required. . . [[ JZ . . . ]]

# RM Installation Package Download URL , Change this variable according to your own setup , if required. . . [[ JZ . . . ]]
#Google Drive link is more reliable

# Temporary Folder where all software will be downloaded . . . [[ JZ . . . ]]

# Packages which will be installed as pre requisite and to make your life easier
PKG="nano wget curl net-tools lsof mc make gcc libtool-ltdl curl httpd mysql-server mysql-devel net-snmp net-snmp-utils php php-mysql php-gd php-snmp php-process"

# Turn off iptables and disabled
echo -e "$COL_GREEN Disabling iptables service, $COL_RESET"
service iptables stop
chkconfig iptables off

echo -e "$COL_GREEN Disabling IPv6 to avoid slow link issue $COL_RESET"
echo "net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 = 1" >> /etc/sysctl.conf
echo "net.ipv6.conf.default.disable_ipv6 = 1" >> /etc/sysctl.conf
echo "net.ipv6.conf.lo.disable_ipv6 = 1" >> /etc/sysctl.conf

# Turn off SELINUX andd disable it on boot
echo -e "$COL_GREEN Disabling SELINUX & setting it disabled on boot ... $COL_RESET"
echo 0 > /selinux/enforce
sed -i "s/=enforcing/=disabled/g" /etc/selinux/config

# Installing WGET which is not in default installation of CENTOS 6.5 Minimal [jz]
sleep 3
echo -e "$COL_GREEN Installing WGET to fetch required tools later ... $COL_RESET"
yum install -y wget

# Checking if /temp folder is previously present or not . . .
if [ ! -d "/temp" ]; then
echo -e "$COL_RED /temp folder not found, Creating it so all downloads will be placed here  . . . $COL_RESET"
mkdir /$temp
echo -e "$COL_GREEN /temp folder is already present , so no need to create it, Proceeding further . . . $COL_RESET"

# Clearing Old downloads in /temp to avoid DUPLICATIONS . . .
echo -e "$COL_RED Clearing Old downloads in /temp to avoid DUPLICATIONS . . . $COL_RESET"

rm -fr /$temp/radiusmanager*.*
rm -fr /$temp/freeradius*.*
rm -fr /$temp/libltd*.*
rm -fr /$temp/ioncube*.*
rm -fr /$temp/php-my*
rm -fr /$temp/libmy*
rm -fr /$temp/rm4.txt

# Checking IF $rmurl is accessible m if YES then continue further , otherwise EXIT the script with ERROR ! [[ JZ .. . .]]
echo -e "$COL_GREEN Checking if zaib Google Drive or other URL to download requires  packages is accessible in order to proceed further. . .!! $COL_RESET"
sleep 3
cd /$temp
wget -q $rmurl/rm4.txt
if [ ! -f /$temp/rm4.txt ]; then
echo -e "$COL_RED ERROR: Unable to contact $rmurl, or possibly internet is not working or your IP is in black list at destination server  !! $COL_RESET"
echo -e "$COL_RED ERROR: Please check manual if $rmurl is accessible or not or if it have required files, JZ  !! $COL_RESET"
exit 0


echo -e "$COL_GREEN $url accessible $COL_RESET ......OK......"
echo -e "$COL_GREEN Downloading RADIUS MANAGER 4.1.0 package from INTERNET  .  (Press CTRL+C to stop any time) $COL_RESET"
wget $rmurl/radiusmanager-4.1.0.tgz
# Checking if RM installation file have been downloaded. if YES continue further , otherwise EXIT the script with ERRO ! [[ JZ .. . .]]
if [ ! -f /$temp/radiusmanager-4.1.0.tgz ]; then
echo .
echo -e "$COL_RED ERROR: RM Installation File could not be download or found in /$temp ! $COL_RESET"
exit 0

echo -e "$COL_GREEN Installing some tools and other rpe requisite for the application ... ! $COL_RESET"
yum install -y $PKG
echo -e "$COL_GREEN YUM install/update Done.! $COL_RESET"

echo -e "$COL_GREEN Installing LIBMYCRYPT and PHPMCRYPT ... ! $COL_RESET"
wget $rmurl/libmcrypt-2.5.8-9.el6.i686.rpm
wget $rmurl/php-mcrypt-5.3.2-3.el6.i686.rpm
rpm -i libmcrypt-2.5.8-9.el6.i686.rpm
rpm -i php-mcrypt-5.3.2-3.el6.i686.rpm
sleep 3

# IONCUBE Installation:
# Now Download ioncube library and add it to php  . . . [[ JZ . . . ]]
echo .
echo -e "$COL_GREEN Installing IONCUBE  .  (Press CTRL+C to stop any time) $COL_RESET"
wget $rmurl/ioncube_loaders_lin_x86.tar.gz

# Checking if IONCUBE installation file have been downloaded. if YEs continue further , otherwise EXIT the script with ERROR ! [[ JZ .. . .]]
if [ ! -f /$temp/ioncube_loaders_lin_x86.tar.gz ]; then
echo .
exit 0

tar zxvf ioncube_loaders_lin_x86.tar.gz
mkdir /usr/local/ioncube
cp -fr /$temp/ioncube/* /usr/local/ioncube/

# Now Add the appropriate ionCube loader to your php.ini . . . [JZ]
echo .
echo -e "$COL_GREEN Adding iONCUBE extension in PHP config file  .  (Press CTRL+C to stop any time) $COL_RESET"
echo "zend_extension=/usr/local/ioncube/" >> /etc/php.ini
echo .
echo -e "$COL_GREEN Downloading FREERADiUS 2.2.20-dma-patch-2 package  .  (Press CTRL+C to stop any time) $COL_RESET"
wget $rmurl/freeradius-server-2.2.0-dma-patch-2.tar.gz

# Checking if FREERADIUS is downloaded, just to make sure internet is working ,IF NOT, EXIT the script with ERROR ! [[ JZ .. . .]]
if [ ! -f /$temp/freeradius-server-2.2.0-dma-patch-2.tar.gz ]; then
echo .
echo -e "$COL_RED ERROR: COULD NOT DOWNLOAD FREERADIUS 2.2.20-dma-patch-2, possible INTERNET is not Working !!! EXITING . . .  $COL_RESET"
exit 0

echo .
echo -e "$COL_GREEN Starting to Compile FREERADIUS  ...  (Press CTRL+C to stop any time) $COL_RESET"
sleep 3

cd /$temp
tar zxvf freeradius-server-2.2.0-dma-patch-2.tar.gz
cd /$temp/freeradius-server-2.2.0/

### Now proceed with the compilation of FREERAIDUS , applicable for all
make install
echo -e "$COL_GREEN Starting FREERADIUS by radiusd -xx coommand & start radius service.  (Press CTRL+C to stop any time) $COL_RESET"
radiusd -xx
service radiusd start
sleep 3

# ================================================================
# Creating MySQL databases with MySQL command line tool . . . [JZ]
# ================================================================
# ** FROM CLI ** . . . [JZ]
echo -e "$COL_GREEN Starting MYSQLD servuce to create Radius Manager Database.  (Press CTRL+C to stop any time) $COL_RESET"
echo -e "$COL_GREEN MYSQL password is set to   'zaib1234'  $COL_RESET"
service mysqld start
mysqladmin -u root password 'zaib1234'
echo .
echo -e "$COL_GREEN adding RADIUS user & DB in MYSQL  .  (Press CTRL+C to stop any time) $COL_RESET"
mysql -u root -p$sqlpass -e "create database radius";
mysql -u root -p$sqlpass -e "create database conntrack";
mysql -u root -p$sqlpass -e "CREATE USER '$myusr_rad'@'$radhost' IDENTIFIED BY '$mypsw_radius';"
mysql -u root -p$sqlpass -e "CREATE USER '$myusr_cts'@'$radhost' IDENTIFIED BY '$mypsw_cts';"
mysql -u root -p$sqlpass -e "GRANT ALL ON radius.* TO radius@$radhost;"
mysql -u root -p$sqlpass -e "GRANT ALL ON conntrack.* TO conntrack@$radhost;"

# UNTAR Copy WEB content

echo "$COL_GREEN Copying Radius Manager WEB content to $wwwpath/radiusmanager $COL_RESET"
cd /$temp
tar zxvf radiusmanager-4.1.0.tgz
mkdir $wwwpath/radiusmanager
cp -fr /$temp/radiusmanager-4.1.0/www/radiusmanager $wwwpath
sleep 3

# rename .dist files

mv $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/paypal_cfg.php.dist $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/paypal_cfg.php
mv $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/netcash_cfg.php.dist $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/netcash_cfg.php
mv $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/authorizenet_cfg.php.dist $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/authorizenet_cfg.php
mv $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/dps_cfg.php.dist $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/dps_cfg.php
mv $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/2co_cfg.php.dist $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/2co_cfg.php
mv $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/payfast_cfg.php.dist $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/payfast_cfg.php

# set ownership and permissions

chown $httpusr $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config
chown $httpusr $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/system_cfg.php
chown $httpusr $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/paypal_cfg.php
chown $httpusr $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/netcash_cfg.php
chown $httpusr $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/authorizenet_cfg.php
chown $httpusr $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/dps_cfg.php
chown $httpusr $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/2co_cfg.php
chown $httpusr $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/payfast_cfg.php
mkdir -p $wwwpath/radiusmanager/tmpimages
chown $httpusr $wwwpath/radiusmanager/tmpimages
chown $httpusr $wwwpath/radiusmanager/tftpboot
chmod 600 $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/system_cfg.php
chmod 600 $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/paypal_cfg.php
chmod 600 $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/netcash_cfg.php
chmod 600 $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/authorizenet_cfg.php
chmod 600 $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/dps_cfg.php
chmod 600 $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/2co_cfg.php
chmod 600 $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/payfast_cfg.php
chmod 644 $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/docsis_keyfile
chmod 644 $wwwpath/radiusmanager/config/docsis_template

# chmod and copy binaries
cd /$temp/radiusmanager-4.1.0/
echo "Copying binaries to /usr/local/bin"
chmod 755 bin/rm*
cp bin/rm* /usr/local/bin

echo "Copying rootexec to /usr/local/sbin"
cp bin/rootexec /usr/local/sbin
chmod 4755 /usr/local/sbin/rootexec

# chmod and copy radiusmanager.cfg

echo "Copying radiusmanager.cfg to /etc"
cp etc/radiusmanager.cfg /etc
chown $radusr /etc/radiusmanager.cfg
chmod 600 /etc/radiusmanager.cfg

# create Tables

echo -e "$COL_GREEN Creating MYSQL Table $COL_RESET"
mysql -h $radhost -u $myusr_rad -p$mypsw_radius radius < sql/radius.sql
mysql -h $radhost -u $myusr_cts -p$mypsw_cts conntrack < sql/conntrack.sql

# create rmpoller service
echo "Enabling rmpoller service at boot time"
cp rc.d/rmpoller /etc/init.d
chown root.root /etc/init.d/rmpoller
chmod 755 /etc/init.d/rmpoller
chkconfig --add rmpoller

# create rmconntrack service
echo "Enabling rmconntrack service at boot time"
cp rc.d/rmconntrack /etc/init.d
chown root.root /etc/init.d/rmconntrack
chmod 755 /etc/init.d/rmconntrack
chkconfig --add rmconntrack

# copy radiusd init script

echo "$COL_GREEN Enabling radiusd service at boot time $COL_RESET"
chmod 755 rc.d/redhat/radiusd
cp rc.d/redhat/radiusd /etc/init.d
chkconfig --add radiusd

# copy logrotate script
echo "Copying logrotate script"
cp etc/logrotate.d/radiusd /etc/logrotate.d/radiusd

# copy cron job script
echo "$COL_GREEN Copying cronjob script $COL_RESET"
cp etc/cron/radiusmanager /etc/cron.d/radiusmanager
chmod 644 /etc/cron.d/radiusmanager

# comment out the old style cron job
sed -i 's/02\ 0\ \*\ \*\ \*\ root\ \/usr\/bin\/php/#2\ 0\ \*\ \*\ \*\ root\ \/usr\/bin\/php/g' /etc/crontab

# set permission on raddb files
echo "$COL_GREEN Setting permission on raddb files $COL_RESET"
chown $httpusr /usr/local/etc/raddb
chown $httpusr /usr/local/etc/raddb/clients.conf
sleep 3

echo -e "$COL_GREEN Re-Starting Apache2, Radius Service & add them in startup... $COL_RESET"
service httpd restart
chkconfig --add mysqld
chkconfig --add httpd
chkconfig --add radiusd
chkconfig mysqld on
chkconfig httpd on
chkconfig radiusd on

cp /temp/lic.txt $wwwpath/radiusmanager
cp /temp/mod.txt $wwwpath/radiusmanager

echo .
echo .
echo .
echo .
echo .
echo -e "$COL_GREEN All Done. Kindly RESTART the system one time to maek sure everything is ok on reboot."
echo -e "Dont forget to upload the correct License files for your valid MAC address in /var/www/html/radiusmanager folder"
echo -e "Please access ADMIN panel via http://yourip/radiusmanager/admin.php $COL_RESET"
echo -e "DMASOFTLAB RM Installation script modified for CENTOS by $COL_RED SYED JAHANZAIB / $COL_RESET"


Save & Exit …



Now execute the script by



After the script ends, do make sure that you don’t see any Error’s  on the installation. Thats why I have added 3 Seconds delay in few section so you can view the results.

Now UPLOAD your valid License into /var/www/radiusmanager OTEHRWISE YOU WILL SEE BLANK PAGE ON ACCESSING RM ADMIN PANEL.


Now try to access RM ACP via browser by



If you get blank page, then use tail command to view Apache error log , example

tail -f /var/log/apache2/error.log


OR more specifically

tail -f /var/log/apache2/error.log |grep lic


If you see any error like showed in the image below . . . (for not valid license), then make sure your license files are valid for right version and with the right mac address interface.





To deploy Radius Manager Patch 5 (4.1.5) , Kindly see the following Link

I will add few snapshots and video as soon as I get some time.




Syed Jahanzaib

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