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August 3, 2012

The Dude: Configuring Voice Alert Notification

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Howto Configure Dude Voice Notification

Double Click on your desired device on the map ,
Goto Services Tab,
Select Your Desired Service on which you want Voice Alert, For Example if you want that if server is not responding, it should alert you via voice , Double Click on PING probe,
Goto Notifications tab,
Select Check on Use Notifications
Select check on VOICE
Click Ok

As shown in the image below . . .

It uses Windows Built in TTS (Text to Speech) tool to make voice (accent is Microsoft’s ANNA) but you can select other voice format files like .wav.

Now test it by disable LAN interface on target device, after 1-2 minutes when device appears RED, it will alert you with Voice. However the lady take long time to describe the problem due to various text alerts inside the voice notificaiton, some time it becomes annoying if you have lot of voice alerts, so its better to trim the VOICE notification, by going to voice notification and take properties on VOICE notification and cut down un.necessary functions. e.g

ALERT, [Device.Name], [Probe.Name], is now, [Service.Status],,,
You can also select multiple voice alert notification for various devices functions. For example I monitor my DSL internet connectivity by adding on map. So when the timeouts due to internet connectivity lost, it give me voice alert like

“Alert, Internet connectivity have been lost”
& when the connectivity restores,
“Internet connectivity have been restored”

For this you have to create two different notifications, one that has unstable->down enabled for one wave file andanother notification with down->up for the other wave file.  [Special Thanks to Mr. Lebowski for this tip @ forums]


For more information, please visit following link.


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