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February 28, 2012

Howto Create Scheduled Task on Remote Computer

To create Scheduled Task on Remote Windows PC.
You can use the following command.
[Note: You must belong to Administrators group to perform this action.]

schtasks /create /s computer_name /tn "Weekly Backup" /tr c:\Backup_folder\backup.bat /sc weekly  /D FRI /st 13:00:00 /sd 02/28/2012 /ru "domain\admin_user" /rp "admin_password"

The above command will create an scheduled task which will run on every Friday at 1:00pm and it will execute backup.bat  file.

You can copy backup.bat to remote pc using \\computer_name\c$ and paste it where ever you like.
backup.bat can contain any action like taking backup. For example

C:\windows\system32\xcopy.exe c:\Backup_folder\*.* d:\Autobackup /S /D /C /Y

The above command will copy all data from c:\Backup_folder to d:\Autobackup. Next time when this file will be executed it will run as incremental backup, means only files that have been changed or added will be copied to destination folder.
We used this method to copy user data file to remote File Server :)~



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