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January 31, 2013

Troubleshooting IBM ULT3580-TD3 Tape Drive in Windows 2003 > Short Notes


Recently we had a severe power failure and our UPS didn’t provided backup and got shutdown immediately. Upon restoring every thing back to normal, One of Tape Drive (IBM ULT3580-TD3 SCSI Drive) connected with our File Server didn’t respond properly and failed to backup on tape, Also it didn’t appeared in ntbackup Media List.

I tried every possible way to troubleshoot it but no use. I tried removing / Enabling Disabling Tape Drive/Scsi Card, but didn’t worked out. Tape Drive and SCSI card were detecting properly in Device Manager but in RSM (Removable Storage Manager)  , it showed RED cross on Tape Drive with  multiple instance of Tape Drive. When I took properties of the drive, it showed following error.

the object identifier does not represent a valid object

Some images . . .

device manager.


I did the following to resolve the issue.

1) First delete all instances of IBM ULT3580 from RSM which are marked as red cross. as showed in the above picture.

2) Update Adaptec SCSI card 29329ALP – Ultra320 SCSI card firmware to latest one from Adaptec web site, Search in Google.)

3) Update IBM Tape ULT3580-TD3 driver from
Extract it to any folder and execute install_exclusive.exe , after it updates it will ask you to reboot, simply Reboot.

After reboot complete , Open the command prompt and issue following command.

rsm view /tlibrary

Result should be something below

C:\>rsm view /tlibrary


Off-line Media
Kingston DT 101 G2 USB Device
HP DVD Writer 1260r
IBM ULT3580-TD3 SCSI Sequential Device

The command completed successfully.

Now issue following command

rsm.exe refresh /lf”IBM ULT3580-TD3 SCSI Sequential Device”

wait 1 -2 minutes

Now again execute RSM and see if it shows OK,
As showed in the image below . .  .


Execute NTBACKUP and hopefully it will work out this time.


Default ID Password for IBM Tape Library TS3200

ID = admin
Password = secure

Also read following , maybe helpful for any specific case.


If you receive message while ejecting tape cartridge from the library gui

” Lock by host” then simply stop RSM Service on all connected hosts (if its FC library and connected with multiple hosts) .



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