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August 5, 2013

BIM TS3100 Library: Incompatible Magazine!

Recently we replaced our 7 years old IBM TS3200 Tape Library with the new TS3100 FC. For about a week, It worked fine , but when yesterday, our support personnel changed the tape cartridges, and tried to login to the WEBGUI of library to manage and move the tape to drive, it showed following error on screen.

tape error


and the tape library showed this “Scanning” message on its panel and none of any function worked properly


I tried every possible method of re installing drivers, pulling magazines manually from back using Access hole (small hatches, facing rear of the library) with pin, but no use.


After carefully deep inspection, I found out that the support personnel remove the MAGAZINE FIDUCIALS by mistake (plastic part attached with the every level of magazine where the cartridge is placed) , the support personnel thought it was some sort of un necessary packing ☻

As showed in the image below . . .





After placing the Magazine Fiducials back to its place, every thing worked fine.
Also make sure that you are using the latest Firmware, it helps too 🙂

Magazine Fiducials  are location sensors utilized by the library accessors.

Possibly it may help some one else too, because in my personal experience, If you don’t have SLA or service contract with the IBM or there vendors, you won’t gonna find much support over the web or in local market.


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