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May 29, 2014

Radius Manager Self Registration Captcha Image Not Showing

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Updated: 18th November, 2014


If you have dmasoftlab radius manager’s SELF REGISTRATION option enabled, and the user is unable to see the captcha image while trying to self register his account then check following.

Make sure /var/www/radiusmanager/tmpimages folder do exists, (this path is valid for Ubuntu , But
If you have Centos/Fedora then try with /var/www/html/radiusmanager/tmpimages

If tmpimages is not present then create it, and assign it proper permissions for the WEB server user.

Example:    [ubuntu]

  • mkdir /var/www/radiusmanager/tmpimages
  • chown www-data /var/www/radiusmanager/tmpimages


Example:    [Centos, Fedora]

  • mkdir /var/www/html/radiusmanager/tmpimages
  • chown apache /var/www/html/radiusmanager/tmpimages



Now check again and you will see the images showing properly.





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