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November 20, 2012

Dmasoftlab Radius Manager: Quota Base Service

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Scenario # 1 =  1 mbps Speed limit, Fix Monthly Quota Base Service with Daily 300 Mb Download Quota limit, if the user cross the daily quota limit, his service will shift to lower speed profile i.e 256k for the current day, after date change, the user profile will revert back to 1mb.


Bandwidth Allowed = 1 mb
User Expiry = 1 Month
(after one month, user accounts will expire)
User Monthly Traffic Quota = 1 gbps
(after consuming 1gb total, account will expire)
User Daily Traffic Quota = 300mb
(After downloading 300mb in a day, user service will be changed to NEXT DAILY SERVICE of less speed i.e 256k daily service for the rest of the day. after the date change, user service will be returned to normal i.e 1mb)

Ok here we go . . .

First Create New Service in RM using the following screenshots.



Now create another new service using following screenshots.


That’s it. Now When the user will be registered using the user.php, he will first see the below account details.


After the user refills his account and purchase credit via user panel, his ID will be ACTIVE with the following info.



After the user reaches above 300 MB in a single day, his service will be switched to NEXT DAILY SERVICE of zaib-256k-daily.




The Service change will not be implemented on the FLY for pppoe users because COA is not supported for it. only hotspot users service can be changed on the fly. The pppoe session will be auto disconnected by Mikrotik on radius request, and when it will reconnect , the user will be using 256k service profile.


6.x: I noted that with version 6.29 , change on the fly works fine for pppoe as well. in few mikrotik versions, this doesnt works as expected. so i recommend to try 6.29.

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