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February 25, 2014

Mikrotik Script to Export PPP users to USER MANAGER

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As requested Following is a quick and dirty way to export Mikrotik Local PPP (pppoe) users to USER MANAGER with same profile assigned as LOCAL profile section . I used the word dirty because there is no officially supported method that we can use by single CLI command or one window GUI.

Consider the following scenario:

Mikrotik is configured with PPPoE Server , and have two profiles with the name of 512k and 1mb and 6 users in ppp section …
As showed in the image below …



Our task is to migrate all local ppp users to USERMAN with minimum overhead management of manual workout.

First Open User Manager, and configure /add the NAS , so that Mikrotik can communicate with the UserMAN and wise-verse.

Now add same profiles in User Manager as present in the local Mikrotik PPP Section.
[This task can be done via CLI too, example is in the end]
As showed in the image below …



Now as far as my dumb mind goes, I couldn’t found a way to assign profile to user using /tool userman menu, so to overcome this issue, I first created two users with same profile name and id.

Example if profile name is 512k, then create a user with name”512k” , it will be used as a master copy for cloning 😀
As showed in the image below …



Userman section is done , moving to Mikrotik Section…

Goto System > Scripts and add new script, use the following code…

:log error "Make sure you have usermanager configured properly and created same profile names with same user name (master users for cloning) in USERMAN / Jz"

# Applying Loop for ppp secret section to fetch all user details
/ppp secret
:foreach i in=[find] do={
:local username [get $i username]
:local pass [get $i password]
:local profile [get $i profile]
:local comment [get $i comment]

#Printing User names and other details for record purpose ...
:log warning "Fetching USER details from /ppp secret section , Found $name $pass $profile $comment for EXPORT"

#Creating Users in User Manager with ID / Password / Profile and Comments ...
/tool user-manager user add name=$name password=$pass customer=admin copy-from=$profile comment=$comment
:log error "DONE. Script END. Now logout from USERMAN and RE login and check users section"

# Script End.

the result would be something like …
As showed in the image below …



Now log-out from the User-manager, and re login , and check USERS Section again 🙂
the result would be something like …
As showed in the image below …

5- user-end.


This is just an example, you can do much more by adding various functions or variables/constrains to the script 🙂

Example for CLI base profile addition.

/tool user-manager profile
 add name=512k name-for-users="512k Package" override-shared-users=off owner=admin \
 price=500 starts-at=logon validity=4w2d
 add name=1mb name-for-users=1mb override-shared-users=off owner=admin price=500 \
 starts-at=logon validity=4w2d

/tool user-manager profile limitation
 add address-list="" download-limit=0B group-name="" ip-pool="" name=512k \
 rate-limit-min-rx=524288B rate-limit-min-tx=524288B rate-limit-rx=524288B \
 rate-limit-tx=524288B transfer-limit=0B upload-limit=0B uptime-limit=0s
 add address-list="" download-limit=0B group-name="" ip-pool="" name=1mb \
 rate-limit-min-rx=1048576B rate-limit-min-tx=1048576B rate-limit-rx=1048576B \
 rate-limit-tx=1048576B transfer-limit=0B upload-limit=0B uptime-limit=0s
 /tool user-manager profile profile-limitation
 add from-time=0s limitation=512k profile=512k till-time=23h59m59s weekdays=\
 add from-time=0s limitation=1mb profile=1mb till-time=23h59m59s weekdays=\


Remember ….

Sky is the only limit …



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