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October 24, 2018

ASCI Fun with Mikrotik Terminal Banner

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bat banner

To edit Mikrotik Terminal Welcome Banner, Open Terminal & Issue following command,

/system note edit note

Now Design your graphics / or add texts of your choice, or paste your already copied data in this terminal window.

After Done, Press CTRL+O , & it will save/exit.

Now open Terminal again, and this time you will see your MOTD/Banner smiling 🙂

mikrotik temrinal motd banner

More Info here

October 8, 2018

PAKRAD – Reseller,Dealer & Sub-Dealer base ISP Billing System

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PAK~Radius” is a customized billing system designed for mid-large scale ISP’s. It’s powered by Linux (Ubuntu) using Freeradius v 3.x & Dynamic & responsive GUI panel coded in PHP 7.x . It’s developed to cater local desi market requirements.

It’s built on concept where ISP have Super Admin > Admin / Reseller / Dealer & Sub-Dealer base franchise / clientele. This system is continuously under development & new features / enhancements and improvements are being made on a regular basis.

Workflow ….


  • It’s a cash base system, (cards options not available)
  • on TOP, ISP have the Super Admin account , this account assign services with desired rates to the ADMIN account
  • ADMIN account cannot create users directly, Admin first creates reseller , assign him some services with desired rates, & transfer desired amount in the reseller wallet/account,
  • Reseller cannot create users directly, Reseller first creates Dealer, assign him some services with desired rates, & transfer some amount in the dealer wallet/account,
  • Dealer can create his users upto the limit of his wallet/account, Dealer can also create his sub dealer and assign him required services and assign there rates to his sub-dealer.

Some screenshots …


dashboard view.png

free user

dealer panel view 2

dealer panel view my billing

dealer panel view

user usage history.PNG

online users by vendor

Some major Features …


billing dept.png

  • Dynamic , responsive & appealing web design (advance responsive PHP designing)
  • Just one time license cost & you get Lifetime license (PHP code is encrypted)
  • Unlimited number of users / NAS support
  • Generalized information on front panel for each manager, a glance window 
  • Specially customized designed for local Internet Cable Services providers , with TO THE POINT options only, no hankies pankies
  • Purely Designed as a Reseller base system, Example – Admin > Reseller > Dealer / Sub-dealer 
  • Profit calculation for view purposes
  • Free ID’s assignment for dealer for there Test purposes  *under process*
  • Different services rates assignment for different re-sellers / dealers / sub-dealers
  • Each Manager can view there dealer/sub-dealer billing easily. Good Financial modules for tracking all sort of transactions for dealer / sub-dealers
  • Cash base system for reseller/dealer/sub-dealer charging
  • `Get Back Cash` System to pull back cash sent to the managers
  • Dynamic day & night bandwidth configuration available , compatible with all version of mikrotik routers
  • Quota base packages configuration available *under process*
  • Prevention of user DELETE action to prevent any misuse, user can be disabled only!
  • Users unsuccessful dialing attempts for each manager
  • Users connecting devices information recorded in user table , example tplink/tenda etc
  • Reports for Package wise consumption
  • Good reporting section for Users usage reports / / User charges reports (User usage Graphs base option *under process*)
  • Record last login information
  • Email/SMS Alerts for various actions & multiple users email/sms alert example expiry / renewal / general notification sending to active users etc [currently its being done via bash scripts, but soon they will be added in GUI]
  • Strong Bug Free Back-end design, capable of connecting thousands of users in just few seconds ! 

~ Years of experiences compiled in one single package ~

Many other features added based on local operators feedback to suite local market requirements !

Demo link: 


    Credentials  ….
  • superadmin/superadmin
  • admin/admin
  • reseller/reseller
  • reseller2/reseller2
  • dealer/dealer
  • dealer2/dealer2
  • subdealer/subdealer

Syed Jahanzaib 

October 2, 2018

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