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February 14, 2012

DMASOFTLAB Radius Manager V4 Released :D

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At last, RM v4 have been released with good features, specially SMS for welcome/Expiry/warning messages. 😀

Complete Features added in v4 are as follows.



More informations:


*** v 4.0.0 *** 2012-02-13 ***

-support for DHCP based cable modem accounts (DOCSIS)
-RADIUS IP pool support
-the default mobile number is displayed upon verifying a self registered account
-ACP list users more sortable columns
-contract id search option
-Hotspot MAC and CM users can purchase credits in UCP
-already used email address or SMS number is not allowed in self registration
-already used SMS number cannot be used for account verification
-notify admin in email when a new user is registered
-self registration welcome email with username / password
-self registration welcome SMS with username / password
-notify admin in email when a new IAS is registered
-IAS welcome email (username / psw)
-IAS welcome SMS (username / psw)
send email upon adding credits (ACP, UCP)
-password recovery through SMS, email
-automatic MAC binding option for regular, card and IAS accounts
-write off option for managers
PIN prefix field in card generator
-carry over remaining credits to next month (auto renew option)
-VAT id as optional self registration mandatory field
-remember last selected account type in new user form
-remember last selection in search invoices form
-account type selector in find users form
-option for disabling the grouping of decimals on invoice form
-filter postpaid payment status in list invoices form
-search for active / expired users, cards and IAS accounts
-search for used / unused accounts
-find users form remembers last selected checkbox status
-list and search refill cards
-the default sim-use value can be specified in system_cfg.php (useful for pfSense)
-definable additional traffic unit
-search invoice by account owner
-card print pdf series number
-online RADIUS users list show groups
-wireless signal monitoring
-enhanced online RADIUS users view
-geolocation field in edit user form
-CTS access permission flag
-enhanced traffic summary view
-new service flag: ignore static IP
-default sim-use is definable for self registered users


-Hotspot MAC user uses blank password for NAS authentication and regular password for UCP
-disconnect daily quota enabled users every day at midnight IAS purchase problem fixed
-PayPal Express Checkout total price decimal problem fixed
-PayPal Express Checkout security hole fixed
-special characters are allowed in NAS secret
-data rate for pfSense sent in bps instead of kpbs
-logout next service user when refilled in UCP
-automatically disconnect renewed postpaid users to return to the original service if next service is used
-scheduled service change logs out the user (POD)
-enhanched counters for available online time (no more ~800 hours limit)
-the fallback language (English) is used only if selected language is unavailable
-search invoices bug fixed
-traffic summary own users bug fixed
-special pricing periods 2 GB limit bug fixed
-IP address sort order problem fixed
-admin can list hidden services




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