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March 12, 2013

Howto create password less Domino Server ID

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Recently I installed Lotus Traveler and Domino Cluster to my existing DOMINO infrastructure. When registering server ID , it asked for password, and when I added this server ID file to the target server and try to start domino, it always stop asking for password at startup. So after every restart it stops asking for password and dont start automatically the server until i enter the password. So if you would like to set up the Lotus Domino / Traveler / Sametime server to launch without prompting for the password then the simple solution is to re-certify the server ID with the original rectifier ID that was used to certify the server ID, and then set the minimum password length to zero.

Open Domino Admin client,
Goto Configuration Tab,
select Configuration > Certification > ID Properties.

Then click the “Change password” button. On the “Change password” window, select the “No password” button and select OK.

Now use this ID file at your target server and it will start without asking for password.


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