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January 9, 2015

Mikrotik script to change PUBLIC ip from available pool

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This script is not for general public usage. sharing it just for a reference purpose.

The following script was made to help a usea in a very specific condition.It was a setup specific issue and a quick dirty temporary solution was made to deploy this script to solve the problem for a short period of time only. Its not very neat and clean and probably it could be done with more sophisticated code with fewer line. but no time 🙂


You have 8 public ip pool and only one ip is used at mikrotik wan. now problem is that your ISP blocks your Public ip for few minutes dueto some grey traffic passing and you cannot block the grey traffic for some reasons. This script will help in this situation that if your IP gets blocked by the ISP, it will immediately (or by scheduled) changes the ip to next available ip address. and then it will also email you the result or alert.

Scenario was discussed here.




# 9th Jan, 2015
# Script Starts here ... Tested with Mikrotik 6.xx ...
# Internet Host to be checked You can modify them as per required, JZ
# Setting various variables to be used later in this script

# Host to be monitor, like google dns and opends servers
:local host1   ""
:local host2   ""
:global InternetStatus;
:global InternetLastChange;
:global gmailsmtp
:set gmailsmtp [:resolve ""];

# Set your Gmail ID and Password
:global sendermail
:global gmailpass YOUR_GMAIL_PASSWORD

# Do not modify data below without proper understanding.
:local i 0;
:local F 0;
:local date;
:local time;

# PING each host 2 times
:for i from=1 to=2 do={
if ([/ping $host1 count=1]=0) do={:set F ($F + 1)}
if ([/ping $host2 count=1]=0) do={:set F ($F + 1)}

# If both links are down and all replies are timeout, then link is considered down
:if (($F=4)) do={

:log error "ISP LINK SEEMS TO BE DOWN, Changing IP Address /jz"

:set InternetStatus "DOWN";
:set date [/system clock get date];
:set time [/system clock get time];
:set InternetLastChange ($time . " " . $date);
/ip address

:if ([get [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_1"] disabled] = false) do={
disable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_1"]
enable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_2"]

} else={
:if ([get [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_2"] disabled] = false) do={
disable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_2"]
enable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_3"]

} else={
:if ([get [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_3"] disabled] = false) do={
disable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_3"]
enable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_4"]

} else={
:if ([get [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_4"] disabled] = false) do={
disable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_4"]
enable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_5"]

} else={
:if ([get [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_5"] disabled] = false) do={
disable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_5"]
enable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_6"]

} else={
:if ([get [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_6"] disabled] = false) do={
disable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_6"]
enable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_7"]

} else={
:if ([get [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_7"] disabled] = false) do={
disable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_7"]
enable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_8"]

} else={
:if ([get [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_8"] disabled] = false) do={
disable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_8"]
enable [find comment="ether1_wan_ip_1"]

} else={

##      If reply is received , then consider the Link is UP
:if (($InternetStatus="DOWN")) do={
:log warning "WARNING :The INTERNET link have been restored";
:set date [/system clock get date];
:set time [/system clock get time];
:set InternetLastChange ($time . " " . $date);
:set InternetStatus "UP";
:global wanip

# Fetch your PUBLIC ip address from dnsomatic so that its info can be used at required session for info purposes ...
/tool fetch url="" mode=http dst-path=mypublicip.txt
local ip [file get mypublicip.txt contents ]
:set wanip "$ip";
:log warning "Internet Monitor by ZAIB Report: Internet seems to be UP with ISP_NAME ip   $wanip"

/tool e-mail send to="" password=$gmailpass subject="ISP_NAME Link or IP was DOWN. Now new WAN IP address is $wanip" from=$sendermail server=$gmailsmtp start-tls=yes body="ISP_NAME Link or IP was DOWN. Now new WAN IP address is $wanip *******  Regard's > >>>>> Syed Jahanzaib ****** "


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