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May 9, 2016

Radius Manager Table Missing Errors

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Error # 1

Unknown column ‘pm_sagepay’ in ‘field list’

After install or upgrade radius manager, you may see following error when you click on Home / Settings



It is caused by in-correct table name pm_netcash where as RM searches for `pm_ sagepay`. Issue following command to solve it.

Login to mysql, and change db to radius.

mysql -uroot -pSQLPASS
use radius;
ALTER TABLE `rm_settings`  CHANGE `pm_netcash` `pm_sagepay` TINYINT( 1 ) NOT NULL ;"

Make sure to change mysql password. This will alter the in.correct table name to correct one and then you will be able to access the menu correctly.

Error # 2

Unknown column in ‘pm_netcash’ in ‘field list’

[Updated 27th-Feb-2017]

If you see following error


Then follow this …

login to mysql, change db to radius, and alter the table. full commands are as below …

mysql -u root -pYOUR_MYSQL_PASSWORD
use radius;
ALTER TABLE `rm_settings` ADD `pm_netcash` INT NOT NULL;

Done. Now refresh ACP page in browser and all will be fine Insha Allah.


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