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June 1, 2016

Cisco Switch / Shot notes

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Disclaimer: This post is for my personal reference purpose only. It’s not aimed for professionals.

1# Howto to reset Cisco 3750 Switch to Factory Default

To reset the switch:

  1. Press and hold the Mode button.
  2. The switch LEDs will begin blinking after about 3 seconds. Continue holding down the Mode button.
  3. The LEDs stop blinking after 7 more seconds, and then the switch will reboot.
    (So you have to hold the MODE button for about 10-12 seconds max.)
  4. Once the reboot done, The switch will now behaves like an unconfigured switch. You can enter the switch IP information by using Express Setup.


Once the switch is reset to factory default, we have to configure an ip address / password.
For this purpose we should remove all ethernet cables from the switch and make sure nothing is connected with it.

  1. During Express Setup, the switch acts as a DHCP server.
  2. Make sure that nothing is connected to the switch.
  3. Power On the Switch. Wait for the switch to complete POST, which can take several minutes.
  4. When the SYST LED remains green. Press and hold the Mode button for 3 seconds. When all of the LEDs left of the Mode button turn green, release the Mode button.NOTE:  If the LEDs left of the Mode button begin to blink after you press the button, release it. Blinking LEDs mean that the switch has already been configured and cannot go into Express Setup mode. RUN THE RESET PROCESS FROM BEGINNING AGAIN.
  5. Verify that the switch is in Express Setup mode by confirming that all LEDs left of the Mode button are green.
  6. Connect your laptop / desktop ethernet cable directly to the switch
  7. It may take 1 minute to stable. The PC will take IP from switch DHCP automatically.


The Switch Default IP is

Start a web browser on your PC. Enter the IP address in the web browser, and press Enter !





Now you can browse base config which provides minimal options, or better to configure it using Cisco Network Assistant Software which is very enhance GUI application to manage the beast 🙂

2# Reset the Cisco 3750 Forgotten Password

To be continued …



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