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September 22, 2015

Mikrotik User Manager False Active Session Removal Scripts

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Mikrotik ‘User Manager‘ is a free and builtin package of mikrotik which provides basic level of radius / billing capabilities. Its good for smaller networks but form its introduction till the latest version, it always contains few bugs that can be sometimes annoying for the admin and surely not suitable for large production environment like ISP’s. One little example is FALSE active sessions in userman where user actually not active any more in the Mikrotik connected session but the userman shows it active thus preventing user from re-connecting.

This usually happens when users lost connectivity [specially wifi users] or disconnected from the mikrotik but userman still keep it in its active session therefore the user gets denied when he try to re-connect. so when the admin manually remove its Active session from the userman web interface, user then able to connect.

This is no mean a solution, but you can say as a workaround only a script was posted in mikrotik forums, therefore re-posting with some mods it so that it may help others as well. Just for reference purposes.

Schedule it to run according to your router load. on the load of around 150+ users with low end router, I schedule it to run after every 5 minutes as this script does take some times to calculate each user so take a note of it. adjust value accordingly.


# Script Source : Mikrotik Forums
# This script remove false active sessions in User Manager v5 or above
# I only tested it with ver 6.32.1 and it worked very well in a active network. [Jahanzaib]

# Script Starts Here.
# Setting Timeout in Seconds
# Timeout in Seconds, when session update is older -> session closed
:local Timeout 60

:local LastSessionUpdate;
:local SessionTimeout;
:foreach i in=[/tool user-manager session find where active=yes] do={

# When was the last Update of the session-informations
:set LastSessionUpdate [/tool user-manager session get $i till-time]

# SessionTimeout is a value that tells me how many seconds ago the last update of this session was
:set SessionTimeout ([system clock get time] - [:pick $LastSessionUpdate ([:find $LastSessionUpdate " "]+1) [:len $LastSessionUpdate]]-[/system clock get gmt-offset])

# if last update is more then Timeout seconds ago then close session and log it
:if ($SessionTimeout > $Timeout) do={
/tool user-manager session remove  numbers=$i
:log warning (" Removed false active session by Zaib - Username is  " . [/tool user-manager session get $i user]);


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