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September 29, 2015

Sending SMS in URDU/ARABIC or other language via KANNEL

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u[OS = Ubuntu]

It is very easy to send SMS in URDU or ARABIC fonts using KANNEL as your gateway using &charset=UTF-8&coding=1  (in some cases its &charset=UTF-8&coding=2) code.

Just add the following in your /etc/kannel.conf file under SMSC section

 alt-charset= "UTF-8" 



Save & restart kannel service

service kannel stop
killall -9 bearerbox
service kannel start




To send SMS in URDU via browser / URL via KANNEL


Result Example:


You can get the urdu/arabic font by translating it via and copy paste the translated text.


To send SMS in URDU using Local FILE via KANNEL

Use any UTF converter tool /notepad /word etc, OR if you dont have one,  do it online via Converter TEXT to encoded

Paste your URDU text and hit Enter it will give you UTF8 encoded data,As showed here


Copy that data and paste it in any local file, example /temp/urdu.txt

Now use the below command from the Linux terminal to send this file contents via kannel in URDU ; )

curl "http://KANNELBOXIP:13013/cgi-bin/sendsms?username=kannel&password=KANNELPASS&to=03333021909&charset=UTF-8&coding=1" -G --data-urlencode text@/temp/urdu.txt

Result Example:file


Note: If you still receive SMS with ??? signs , then try with


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